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School Technology
March 14, 2016

We have moved offices!

We are excited to announce our team have moved to a new location on Marvel Street, Byron Bay. Whilst we had many great memories the office was bursting from every corner with the growing team of Account Managers and Support…
School Technology
March 16, 2015


Alerts can be used to instantly notify your community about school closures, cancelled or last-minute events. Make sure your parents know it is school photo day. Be creative, be short, be informative.
School Technology
March 4, 2015

Absentee Notes

Absentee notes let parents fill in a form quickly and easily on their mobile device. This streamlines the entire process from acquiring the paper notice, to filling it out and returning it for more efficient for parents and teachers alike.…
School Technology
March 4, 2015

Year Level Groups

Year level groups give parents the freedom to choose which information they want to receive so they are not inundated with information that is not relevant to them. Schools can set up their app to include year level groups of…

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