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Schools are pushing ahead faster than you think

At the end of 2016, we surveyed hundreds of school principals, directors, managers, IT and admin teams.

We wanted to find out how schools in Australia and New Zealand are communicating with their parents, and to what effect.

The findings have been compiled into a 32 page report to help you find out if there is a better way to communicate with your school community whilst providing the best possible “end-to-end” experience for your parents.

Interestingly, 38% of schools still communicate with their parents via printed paper notes.

Yet one of the main frustrations experienced by school staff is parents not receiving messages and not knowing what is going on at the school, 56% in fact.

So how do you access the full report?

Thankfully that’s the easy part. You start right here by downloading the School Communication Insider’s Report and see how it fits into your school communication strategy.

Please remember to share it with your colleagues.

Melissa Bridson
CEO and Founder