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Now we can give news as it happens – on the fly –it’s much more up to date. It would take a whole day to write the newsletter – and it was already old news.


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We used to hand out paper permission forms to students. This posed a few problems. School Stream has really resolved all of these issues and created a streamlined approach to permission form delivery to parents. There is less chasing up parents, I can just post a reminder notice, and check that all parents have seen it.


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We want our parents to be able to find everything they need to know about the school on the School Stream app. It’s our one point of contact.

The best thing is, School Stream has the ability to inform. I can see who has been using it. I am not into using too many platforms. We do it once on School Stream and that’s it.

Finally, a school to parent comms app that delivers critical info in real time. This has transformed my working day as a parent, knowing I won’t miss any info from the school!

It was priceless when we had the bushfires around here. We had to send out an evacuation notice and it was one hour from sending the alert, to everyone being out (of the centre). Families use it for absenteeism a lot as well. If they’re up at 3am with a sick child, they can just send the message on the spot and it’s done. We also like the translation feature. We’ve got some linguistically diverse families, so they can use this feature to translate the information going home.


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We now communicate important information, upcoming events, and even our newsletter via School Stream. We have better engagement with our families, less traffic through the office, and it has contributed to transitioning us to a cashless school.


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It’s so easy. Some of the administrators who do the back end – we had a bit of a training – but the teachers who are too busy to do that (the training), picked it up so quickly.

I’ve been using this app for the past 3 years and it is a life saver! I get reminders the night before if there is anything happening the next day I need to know about. I can just check the app and it’s easy.

Great job School Stream! You help a lot so we can catch up with things and what’s happening at school. If we’re unsure of something, you always answer us. I rate you five stars for all the reasons above. Your app is great!

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