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Principals, Education Leaders and Business Managers are all familiar with the reporting requirements around School Attendance. State Governments each having policies which set out the attendance requirements for students in government schools. In NSW, this means reporting attendance of students once a day. But in Victoria the requirements are much stricter, with primary schools having to record a child’s attendance twice daily, while in secondary schools, attendance must be recorded in every class.

School Stream provides support to both schools and families in that it is easier for each party to report and manage absences. The Principal of Bathurst South Public School, Greg Cross, had this to say:

“Another benefit is that it’s so easy for parents to report any absences using the template. Our explained attendance rate has jumped through the roof and it’s been a significant benefit to our school that I didn’t think of when signing up to the app. It’s just so immediate with the technology.”

When reporting absences, both parents and school administrators receive an email notification for their submissions. The student’s absence is also automatically recorded in the database which can be exported to a spreadsheet to demonstrate compliance.

School Stream has a simple form parents can complete in-app, on their phones.

Please contact us for more information or explore our website to see more of the features that can support your school and parent community.