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This week, we’re acknowledging the work of ICT Managers who make sure schools are ready to meet complex challenges in an increasingly tech-reliant education environment. ICT staff fully understand why digital literacy is so important when dealing with communication in the 21st century. Let’s explore how School Stream can support you in this.

At a glance, you would assume the management and support of an additional digital program in your school would add to the workload of already-pressed ICT Managers, right? We’re happy to report that with School Stream, that’s not the case.

School Stream can actually alleviate unnecessary work for the ICT team, freeing up time for these unsung ICT heroes to focus on the big picture tech issues that future-proof schools.

“I was reluctant initially, as I wasn’t sure at first how School Stream would work. Quite often when new things come into schools there is always a lot to learn and you wonder what difference it is actually going to make in the end. But it’s not more work. It’s time-saving.”
Principal Greg Cross, Bathurst South Public School

So how can School Stream help lighten the load for the school’s ICT team?

  • First up, School Stream is a cloud-based system. It does not take up precious network real estate or compromise the other programs that are running in the school’s current system. ICT Managers don’t need to host, set-up or support the software. Any enquiries and training needs are handled by the School Stream office, and schools have found the app eliminates a large percentage of IT queries from administrative staff.
  • School Stream helps school staff model digital literacy – a skill some say will be as important as reading and writing in the future – by upskilling the administration team and increasing overall confidence when engaging with tech for previously manual tasks.
  • In terms of capacity, School Stream is currently sending 1 million notifications a week and we are easily able to scale this as we grow and more schools introduce the app.
  • Typically, School Stream is used by administrative staff for a number of reasons, including instant communication with parents, school newsletter generation, absentee and permission form retrieval and online payments. It is a tool that will simplify the lives of the administrative staff and in turn, bridge the digital divide between IT staff and the non-IT people by encouraging tech buy-in across the whole school.
  • Feedback from schools has indicated that relieving the burden on administrative staff has resulted in a happier working environment across the entire school. Click here to read testimonials from other schools already using School Stream.

School Stream’s goal is to make life easier for everyone in schools, and that includes ICT staff.

Click here to see an online demo of School Stream in action.