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Engaging parents might feel like extra work for teachers who are already juggling a huge workload, but when families and carers work in partnership with teachers, there are associated improvements for children across a range of areas, including:

  • Improved educational outcomes
  • More consistent attendance rates
  • Better behaviour
  • Greater confidence in social settings

Parents want to be involved in their children’s education; they’re just not always sure how to go about it. By engaging parents, teachers can help parents by showing them some ways to support their child’s schooling at home.

What can teachers do to help?

At a practical level, there are a range of things teachers can post via an app such as School Stream.

  • Reminders to keep parents up to date regarding assignment due dates, excursions, sports days and anything else going on in the classroom.
  • Suggesting ideas for at home activities to assist their child with literacy and numeracy, as well as apps, articles and other resources.
  • Photos from the school day or questions families and carers can ask their children to generate discussion and allow parents to demonstrate they value their child’s learning.
  • Ask parents for assistance with things such as class trips, reading volunteers or resources.

How can School Stream help?

School Stream delivers information directly to a parent’s mobile device. It’s easy to use and can support teachers to continue involving and engaging parents in the education of their children, without adding to their own workload.

For more information and a demonstration of School Stream, please head to our demonstration page.