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Would you like to see a snapshot of what your school is spending on printing paper communications for parents? School Stream has developed an easy and accurate tool that gives you an overview based on your school population and printing frequency – and it only takes 2 minutes.

This tool also gives you an indication of what your school could save if printing parent communications was replaced with a fully integrated mobile communication app like School Stream. For example, the average school with 398 students sending a weekly two-page newsletter over a 10 week term, as well as five notes, could save as much as $16,000 per annum. The school will also be saving 111,440 sheets of paper every year! And that does not even include the administration hours saved. Use the calculator and see how your school budget could benefit.



We hope you found the insights helpful. We believe that getting a snapshot of how much you spend on paper-based communication to parents and the broader school community will help you plan for the future. With 38% of schools still relying on paper-based solutions for their communication needs, and very low open rates for emails, it is worth exploring other strategic communication system options that will benefit your school’s budget.

If you would like more information, you can also download the School Communication Insider’s Report or contact School Stream to see if we can help you communicate with your school community.