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Listening to parents’ feedback. Something to be taken seriously

By June 6, 2017No Comments1 min read

The parent-school relationship is essential for a thriving community, with research consistently finding that teacher and family relationships are important for young people’s social and emotional wellbeing and academic achievement (Desforges & Aboucher, 2003).

The key to building successful relationships starts, and ends, with good communication.

It’s so important, modern education establishments – from preschools to universities are building feedback loops to encourage and ensure good levels of communication and transparency.

Once the relationship of trust is built between parents and the school, honest and constructive feedback becomes more forthcoming, which ultimately improves school practices and enhances the community.

At School Stream, we’re in the fortunate position to witness the parent-school relationship improvements on a daily basis.

Here are just some of the happy parents on how their children’s schools have changed their lives. To hear what other parents are saying, click here.

We’ve also made it easy for schools to create their own feedback loop through the custom forms feature. With a few clicks, schools can request feedback for anything – from canteen menu, homework, staff interaction, bullying and safety. Watch the online demo to find out more.