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A common concern we hear from schools when looking at using a parent communication app is “we don’t have the resources to manage an app on top of what we’re already doing”. We understand. When dealing with the concerns and enquiries from hundreds of parents, on top of the endless paperwork and all the ‘hidden things’ administration staff do to keep the school running smoothly, sometimes staff are wary of anything new being introduced.

But as Principal Greg Cross recently pointed out “It’s time-saving work”.

School Stream’s mission from day one has been to save school staff time and empower you to stay in control of your school’s communication. School Stream gives you the tools you need to notify parents in an instant – with the push of a button. We want you to be able step back from the photocopier and save time, money and stress by freeing you of the necessity to send out daily notes and reminders. School Stream gives you back time to tackle all the projects that have been piling up.

Principal Giles Panting highlighted how School Stream works for his staff and community.

We’re no longer double or triple-handling information. It gets published once and all parents receive it.

Please watch a 30 second demo of how quickly you can get a message out to all of your parents.


Schools don’t need to dedicate any more staff or any more time to parent communications.

This is best app out there! We can alert parents within seconds of something happening, parents are informed and therefore makes a happy school environment.
Kellie Douglas, Admin Officer

If you still feel like a school communication app is too big a commitment for you, please know our Australian-based Customer Success Team is available from the very start to help your staff master the app and answer any questions. Of course there are no additional charges for this support, as all training and support are included in your licence fee. Set up costs are intentionally affordable. Please look at our pricing page and school case studies for more information. School Stream also supports you to get your parents on board with the app.

“‘I can’t say enough good things about the people working for School Stream. I have found the support 100%. I know that I can always ring School Stream and talk something through. It’s fantastic.
Principal Ros Oates

Please feel free to reach out and contact us if you would like to see how School Stream can work for you.