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Recently, School Stream sent a survey to schools asking for details about school newsletters. Thank you to everyone who responded. Here are some of the key findings from the 383 private and government schools who responded to the survey:

  • 40% of schools send out a newsletter every week
  • 43% of schools send out a newsletter every fortnight
  • Some schools spend up to 16 hours on each newsletter
  • The average school using the School Stream app saves $15,888 on newsletter printing costs alone – not taking into account the admin hours saved every week.

We’ve put together an infographic, which you can find below with more findings.

The demand on administrators

The administration team is in a close to impossible situation when it comes to creating newsletters. They need to be writers, editors, graphic designers and publishers, all while chasing staff for articles, photos and maintaining an up-to-date calendar. No wonder creating the newsletter takes up so much time. It’s a herculean yet largely thankless task because, despite all this work, parents just aren’t reading newsletters as schools would like. Statistics show email open rates from schools are low, and every school gets those calls from parents not knowing what events are on when, even though it was “in the newsletter.”

Something has to change.

Reimagining the School Newsletter – School Stream can help

School Stream can help reduce the time spent preparing newsletters to 10 minutes a week. It’s as simple as ‘two clicks and publish’ to produce beautiful, interactive newsletters using Adobe Spark templates. School Stream has the capacity to send out regular, targeted updates to the relevant audience. Parents get the information they need directly to their smartphones – when they need it. There is no need to collate information and send it all out in one hit. You can book a demonstration here if you would like to see how this would work for your school.

‘The School Stream app provides a much-needed communication tool which has enabled our families to access information 24/7 at the press of a button. All data, events, calendar dates, alerts, whole school information, programs, workshops and more can all be accessed from one point with only one manager required to input data.’
Administration Manager, Burnside Primary School

Schools are ‘content goldmines’ and veritable hives of activity; there is so much to celebrate and promote. Having a fully integrated app like School Stream means it is easy for schools to share what is going on and it is easy for parents to access the information they need. Imagine what your administration team could do with all that time!

Contact us today to see how School Stream could help save your administration team time and your school money. Read an interview with School Principal Greg Cross here to see how School Stream has helped his school.


Download the PDF version here.