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Have you ever sent out a message to parents and wondered if they received it?

Whether you send home a printed note, email or social media post, the deliverability rate is more often than not, very low.

For example, Mailchimp, an industry-leading email marketing service used by many schools and early education centres report a 22% email open rate in the education industry and a very low 2.63% click rate. That’s less than a quarter of your parents receiving your message, and a mere handful actually making the effort to read it.

This isn’t ideal if you want to get your message heard. And what happens a few hours after you’ve sent that email or posted that social media post? It gets forgotten as other emails and posts flood into the parents’ inbox or newsfeed. In comparison, with mobile apps read rates are between 90-98%.

These are just some of the reasons why schools are rapidly turning to a dedicated platform to ensure their message is received. Not only will parents receive a direct message on the home screen of their smartphone, but all the information is neatly organised into streams controlled by the school.

Click here to download or print the diagram.


Don’t take our word for it, here is just some of the recent feedback from schools on Trustpilot:

Our staff absolutely love School Stream – John Clark

Our staff absolutely love School Stream and the parents couldn’t be happier. We’ve always been impressed with how easy it is to use. Thank you!

Great product – Sandra

Great product! Simple to use and so effective. Has made my life so much easier

Excellent App – Mary D-Arcy Liston

Excellent app, has made an incredible difference to our school community.
Recent changes have made it more user friendly too.

Very fast – Anne Wallace

Very fast getting information out, positive feedback from parents and newsletter savings

Great and easy to use – Dom Poppa

We have been using School Stream for a number of years and it is fantastic. Easy to send an alert. Easy for parents to use.

Our parents love School Stream – Jane

Our parents and the school just love School Stream. It is a fantastic way to communicate with the school community and can be used in so many different ways eg. alerts, school events, attaching documents, a click to send an email reply, school absences, ability to ‘add to your calendar’, and so much more.


Make your parents’ lives easier.

Set your communication apart from all the noise parents receive on a daily basis and notify them through the convenience of the School Stream app.

If you want to explore the app in more detail, follow this link to take the online tour.