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School Stream is so much more than just an app. We are a service, a communication tool, a fully integrated school communication platform. School Stream is proud of the world-class support it provides to schools to ensure schools and parents get the most out of the app. Read on to learn more about how we can support your school.

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Why does School Stream work so well?

‘School Stream has streamlined the way we communicate with our school community. Parents feel much more connected and informed. We have also reduced our paper usage considerably.Judith Collins, Admin Manager, Barrack Heights Public School

‘The School Stream app provides a much-needed communication tool which enabled our families to access information 24/7 at the press of a button. All data, events, calendar dates, alerts, whole school information, programs, workshops etc, are all accessed from one point with only one manager required to input data.’ Alison Bibby, Administration Manager, Burnside Primary School

First of all, why does School Stream work so well? The smartphone revolution has completely transformed the way we interact with each other, as well as with services. School Stream facilitates communication with parents in a way that aligns with their habits and expectations. In other words, we make it easy for parents so you get a better response. As a fully integrated school communication platform, School Stream can deliver notifications directly to smartphones. Managing school life easily on parents’ smartphones means schools can expect a higher response rate – which is particularly helpful when reporting explained absences. Parents no longer have to scour busy inboxes to find important messages from school because they can all be found in one place. The school calendar, digital forms, notifications, absent notes, translations to reach CALD communities, and so much more, can all be delivered directly to your parent community on their phones, no matter where they are.

We understand schools

Whether your school is big or small, regional or metro, primary or secondary, we know the school office is busy. School Stream makes it easy to access training and support. Our team is always available to help train your staff – whether they need a refresher or are new to your school. Of course, there are no additional charges for this support, as all training and support are included in your license fee. We also have weekly live webinar training sessions available to all School Stream customers. These are held every Tuesday at 11 am (Sydney AEST) and Thursday 2 pm (Sydney AEST) and run every week of the year, except for two weeks over the Christmas break.

Email support@schoolstream.com.au to book.

Feedback from schools tells us that support and training is a valuable part of the School Stream experience. Here is what some of Principals and Educators have had to say:

‘What I love even more is that I can always ring a telephone number for support and I get someone straight away. The help and assistance is first rate. I’ve never been put on hold and the support staff know what they are talking about.’

Need help to get parents on-board?

‘School Stream is part of the enrolment process now. Parents are aware of what is going on at school before their child has even started. It’s a really simple app – I’ve got it on my phone – so I just show the parents at orientation and they are introduced to it from the beginning. They are really interested in knowing “This is what my child’s up to” or “This is how I get information about the school.’ Byron Bay Public School

Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, School Stream is a very intuitive app and parents find they get the hang of it very quickly. We provide plenty of resources and tips about getting your parent community to come along for the ride so everyone can enjoy the benefits of an engaged school community. You can read more about our tips here.

If you would like to learn how School Stream can streamline your school communications and engage parents, contact us or watch a free demonstration.