Instant notifications bring timely correspondence to the school community for the first time.
Reach your school community from anywhere, anytime, with School Stream’s mobile app for schools.



Don’t worry about email addresses or
phone numbers changing

Notifications are sent to the parents device regardless of their telephone number or email address so you
won’t receive that dreaded bounced email or phone followups.

Free Lifetime Messaging

Ever wish you could send out a short timely message to
parents in an instant? Maybe to remind them to bring in
items for an excursion, school donations or even to
complete a form. This couldn’t be easier with the School
Stream Control Panel. Similar to an SMS, write the short
sentence of content and press “Publish”. And it’s totally
free regardless of how many messages you send.

Urgent Alerts

Capture all of your parent’s attention by ticking
the ‘Urgent’ box. This will make your message
even more prominent and ensure your
message is read straight away. Important for
issuing weather warnings, school closures,
sporting venue changes and more.

See what problems people currently face
when not using School Stream

  • “No method of contacting parents in the event of school incidents.”

    Jenny, SAM, Merimbula PS
  • “Making multiple phone calls to
    send brief messages, information not getting through to parents.”

    Whitney, Administrator, Woodbury Boston Primary School
  • “Lack of fast communication
    to a¬†wide audience.”

    Jodie, ICT Coordinator, Kelso Public School

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