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We’ve all heard chat about going paperless in schools for what feels like decades now, but it feels like technology is at a point where this feels realistic, at least in the school office. And going paperless can reap major benefits for School Administration Managers who can save time and money by reducing the use of paper. For some schools, it may not be feasible to eliminate paper altogether, but School Stream can help you make a big dent in how much you use.  Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. This week, we look at four reasons why it’s a great idea to ditch paper. 

Would you like to step back from the printer? See how much money your school could save by using our paper cost saving calculator. Or book a time to chat to the customer success team about how School Stream can help your school.

  • Parent communication is faster and less expensive

With everyone pretty much permanently attached to their smartphones, sending a digital message that arrives as an alert is a fast, affordable and reliable way to make sure parents and caregivers get the message in real-time every time. In the case of School Stream, schools have access to free, unlimited messaging

“School Stream has streamlined the way we communicate with our school community. Parents feel much more connected and informed. We have also reduced our paper usage considerably.” Judith Collins, Admin Manager, Barrack Heights Public School

  • Save time – paperless files are easy to find and retrieve

No need to print notes, distribute them and then chase parents for responses before having to collate everything manually, then file it away. For example, with strict compliance around reporting absences, it’s much easier for school staff if parents can report the absence online. Both parties receive an email notification and the student’s absence is reported in the database which can be exported into a report. Information can be tracked, recorded and retrieved in a heartbeat, and your data is always in safe hands. 

“School Stream creates a link between the home and school using push notifications, it’s amazing! Also great for streamlining absence explanations for parents.” Ben Thomas, Learning and Digital Pedagogy Coordinator, Xavier High School

  • Meet community expectations that schools will be environmentally friendly

Sustainability is changing the way many people shop, and it’s becoming more important for businesses and organisations to show they are doing their bit too. Most parents will also expect their child’s school to be recycling and reducing paper use wherever they can. 

“Fantastic way to keep up with all the school news and newsletters. Paper free helps the environment plus no more lost newsletters.”

From a parent reviewing the app on the Play Store. 

By foregoing the printed note in favour of a digital one, not only can parents find all the information they need quickly on their phone, but you’ll be showing the community your school is all over sustainability at the same time by walking your talk. Everyone wins.

School Stream helped us eliminate most of our paper usage used in printing circulars, sending out notices, consent forms, registration forms and newsletters. Zartaj Waseem, Haque Academy

  • Save money

Paper, printers and commercial-style copiers and cartridges aren’t cheap and, whether your school is big or small, it doesn’t take long for the dollars to add up. Byron Bay Public School saved approximately $130,000 in printing costs in the first four years they had School Stream – just by sending messages and notes digitally. Click here to see how much money your school could save using our handy printing cost savings calculator.

Watch a short video that shows how School Stream works to reduce paper