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What Teachers Really Want (for Christmas)

By December 10, 2015No Comments2 min read

As the school year draws to a close it’s the time parents start scrambling for ideas to say thank you to those hard-working folk who have nurtured and educated their little darlings all year long.

But with the frenzy of Christmas, it can be a tricky thing to decide on a gift for your child’s teacher. It can’t be too personal, but you want it to be meaningful, and you don’t want to end up buying the same old present as everyone else.

The rule of thumb when it comes to buying teachers presents, is avoid anything with apples on…. it’s been done to death! Other presents that teachers are usually inundated with are mugs, candles and lotions – especially if they’ve been teaching for a long while. Fear not, we’ve put together some fresh ideas for things they’ll love and appreciate.

Gift Vouchers

Treat them to some leisure time via a gift voucher, so they can choose what they’d like. Some popular ideas include cinema, restaurant, day spa, or even iTunes vouchers. Alternatively a voucher for a home decor store will always be appreciated. Gift vouchers can be slipped inside hand-made Christmas cards for that personal touch.

Personalised stamps / stickers

Teachers do a lot of writing, so a personalised stamp or stickers to stick on good work will save them time and effort, plus the kids love it. You’ll find several online stores where you can order this type of thing, with phrases such as “Mrs G says I’m a star”.

School supply gift basket

Given that many teachers end up paying for school supplies out of their own pocket, a classroom supplies gift basket will always be appreciated. Wrap up stationary such as pens, highlighters, glue sticks and sticky tape to make it look exciting!

A Terrarium or Pot Plant

Everyone appreciates a nice pot plant or terrarium, and it will remind them of all the care they put into helping your little one develop throughout the year.

Humble thank you notes

Heartfelt thank you notes are always appreciated, especially from children, and will be a nice reminder of all the effort they’ve put in through the year.

Class Gift

If you’re super organised and have a good relationship with lots of other parents in your kids class, consider clubbing together to get one big gift or voucher. Teachers will love that you’ve all made the effort.