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If you’re a School Stream school, you know first-hand how brilliant our Australian-based Customer Success team is. And if you’re in the process of shopping around for an app to support communication between home and school, you might not realise that School Stream stands alone among apps in offering timely, customised training and support. This week on School Stream, we’re handing it over to the Customer Success team to talk you through their approach when working with schools. Take it away, team!

“The Customer Success Team is incredibly dedicated. I’m proud to work with them and have them in my team. They each have their strengths and, as a team, work collectively to ensure each school is supported.” 

(Brad – Operations Manager)

We want schools to succeed

“School Stream is committed to streamlining the communication of our schools. We won’t rest until we have them set up comfortably with a system that best meets their needs, and we will always be just a message or call away if they find themselves in need of assistance”. 

“We are here as a guide and helping hand. We’re here to ensure schools have a smooth transition to technology. As the team leader, I ensure each team member uses the principles of service, so each customer is treated with respect, responded to promptly and, most importantly, heard. We own every interaction to ensure schools receive the best possible service”. 

“We are available. There are lots of ways for schools to contact us: through messaging us directly via the School Stream dashboard, on the phone, email and live chat. The support team is based in Australia, but we also work with schools in different time zones, and we can accommodate them too”.

We meet you where you’re at

“We hope schools come away from their experience with the team feeling confident. For some schools, this is a brand-new journey. We approach each school uniquely to ensure they reach their goals and steps at a pace that works for them. If they want to run, we run. If they want to walk, we walk and will help at every step” 

“I hope the school takes away that we are working in a partnership with them and that they can reach out for support or more training. There are never any silly questions. Essentially we’re here to support them”. 

The Customer Success Team helps parents too

 “Sometimes parents have issues with their phones, so we troubleshoot to find solutions.”

 “We also see quite a few parents with device issues popping into our support channels. With every issue we resolve, we learn more about the ins and outs of the plethora of devices on the market, along with their quirks”. 

We listen and learn from schools

“More often than you might think! Thanks to the level of customisation available on the platform, schools are always thinking up new ways to utilise School Stream, and we pick up a few tricks along the way too.” 

“All the time, almost daily. The volume of unique ways the app can be used far outweighs the use cases we can think of or prepare for. Using our knowledge of the platform to help work through situations with schools and find a solution to their needs is incredibly rewarding.” 

Why we love what we do

“Seeing the team feel satisfied they have assisted someone and resolved an issue. In the same tone, hearing people have that ‘A-ha’ moment when you’re teaching and training them {schools} is a fantastic feeling to share with people every day”.

“What satisfies me most is the thanks I receive when helping remote and small schools get up and running, as well as the satisfaction they get from seeing all their parents come on board and the positive feedback from their school community. It’s also satisfying when you see the parent uptake and high utilisation rates of the app of a school I’ve trained.” 

“I love finding solutions to problems and working with a fantastic team – and turning frowns upside down!” 

“Being able to help schools with their massive task of successful communication and helping parents staying up to date with what’s going on at the school of their most beloved ones.” 

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