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Welcome to the last post of the year! It’s been a pleasure to have your company throughout 2022 as we explored all the news from the world of education and beyond. We would especially like to acknowledge the hard work of educators, school leadership, administrators, volunteers, and everyone else who showed up every day to keep the continuity of learning for students this year. Finally, we’d like to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who got in touch to share their insights and experience. But before we sign off for 2022, here are the top ten posts of the year – as voted by you.    

Thanks for a great year, everyone! We’ll be closed from Wednesday, December 21, and back to business as usual on Thursday, January 12. We’re looking to supporting your school in all things communication in 2023. Wishing you all a restorative break! 

Drum roll, please!

Without further ado, here are the most popular posts of 2022 – chosen by you.

1. Meet the Principal – Jai Harrington from Eildon Primary School

Coming in at number one is our conversation with Principal Jai Harrington from Eildon Primary School. Jai talks about being a teaching principal, fostering independence and resilience, why Eildon Primary has a BMX track, and why it’s important to let kids take risks. If you missed it the first time around, head over to “Insights” on our website and see why this post resonated with so many people this year. 

2. Meet The Business Manager: Kim Rootes from Deloraine Primary School

We are lucky to work with Business Managers all over Australia, across the ditch in New Zealand – and all over the world – who juggle a complex workload with style, grace, a calm sense of efficiency and a smile. To celebrate the committed staff who champion their schools and work tirelessly behind the scenes, we regularly chat with Business Managers to learn how they get it done. In this post, we are in conversation with all-round dynamo Kim Rootes from Deloraine Primary School in Tasmania.

3. The ‘New’ Newsletter

When a parent said to us earlier in the year “I think the newsletter is defunct”, she inadvertently tapped into the changes around how schools are communicating with families in 2022. As our third most popular post this year, it certainly struck a chord with people. The ‘New’ Newsletter examines the status quo, what parents want, and some practical strategies for a way forward. 

4. What do parents want from school communication? (Case Studies)

If the parents we spoke to are any indication, it seems that most parents are absolutely passionate about what they want when it comes to school comms. We spoke to parents of primary and secondary students in Australia and the UK to learn what works – and what doesn’t.

5. 18 Back-to-School Lunchbox Ideas for fussy eaters (and everyone else, too)

Everyone loves a good recipe, and this kid-approved (and teacher-approved!) collection of recipes is no exception. And we could all use some lunchbox inspo sometimes. 

6. Why outdoor classrooms are set to be big news this year and beyond

84% of teachers in Australia believe outdoor learning leads to greater engagement with learning among students. This statistic alone would be enough to convince people that outdoor classrooms are a good idea, and there is an abundance of statistics, research and anecdotal evidence to back it up. We’ve collated everything you need to know in this popular post.   

7. Can gaming light a spark for STEM? (Experts say “Yes”)

Is it time to take a fresh look at how the intrinsically fun and engaging nature of video games can be harnessed for good? Many of you thought so, making this post one of our most popular for the year. We look at the positive elements of gaming, the emerging job market, how gaming can help bridge the gender divide when it comes to STEM, and a whole lot more in this fun and informative post. 

8. Applications are open for the 2023 Harding Miller Educational Scholarship

We take our commitment to supporting schools and inclusion seriously. For the third year running, we teamed up with the Harding Miller Education Foundation to present this post promoting their fantastic scholarship program for girls. 

9. Meet the Manager Corporate Services – Jackie Kelly at Dianella Heights Primary School

The Corporate Services Managerial role at Dianella Heights Primary School is complex and multifaceted. We spoke with the (exceptionally capable) Jackie Kelly to hear how she gets it all done, the great team culture at the school and her fantastic colleagues. 

10. Meet the School Administration Officer – Jenny Bullock from St Margaret’s in Maribyrnong

Like Administration Officers in schools everywhere, Jenny Bullock is warm, competent, and a multitasking extraordinaire. Read our conversation with her covering all the aspects of her role and the great culture at St Margaret’s.   

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