Accept online payments for excursions, uniform, canteen orders and more.

Relieve the stress on your admin
and finance team

Cash envelopes, forms with credit card details and bank
deposits all cost your staff valuable time and therefore,

Allow your staff to view all payments in one easy location.

Collect payment from parents in
minutes not days

Reduce your waiting time for payments. The app allows
schools to communicate directly with parents in real-time
and allows parents to respond instantly, cutting out the
middleman (child!)

Reduce costs and bring the
control in-house

There are many online payment services out there
that charge various commission levels on each
payment. Reallocate this cost and control in-house by
using our free powerful form builder that integrates
with PayPal and Stripe. These accounts are also free to
setup and charge from as little as 1.75% fee +30c per

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