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Have you thought about changing school communication apps, only to put it in the ‘too hard basket’? Although it might feel overwhelming, the process of changing apps is actually a lot smoother than you might think. This week on School Stream, we talk to Happy Valley Primary School in South Australia about their recent experience switching from another provider to School Stream.

Get top marks for your school communication. Watch a quick demonstration online to see how School Stream can help you ace school comms, or keep reading to learn more about changing apps.

Happy Valley Primary School

Happy Valley Primary School is a friendly, welcoming school in Adelaide. They offer a fantastic range of learning opportunities with specialist subjects and programs including Japanese, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, Digital Technologies, Pedal Prix, and What’s The Buzz?. Their core values are Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.

The Stats

Students: 268

Staff: 33 (including teaching, administration staff and school support)

Number of School Stream users:       291 

Happy Valley Primary School started researching options when the app they were using announced it would no longer support communication between home and school. We spoke to the Finance Officer, Jo Aylmore, about the school’s experience changing from another platform to School Stream.

We looked at a few different apps and what we liked about School Stream was the potential. At the moment, we are only using the basic features, but we thought it could be a good way to communicate with individual classes. We also liked that it was a WordPress platform – which is the same as our school blog and website. Everyone is finding it easy to use.”

Happy Valley used the lead time to their advantage and was able to organise a smooth transition across to School Stream.

We sent out all the steps of how to access and download School Stream on our old app. Brad (School Stream’s much loved Customer Success Manager) gave us some links to share with the parents so they could download the app and set it up. We publicised the fact we were changing apps, because after a certain date if parents didn’t have School Stream they wouldn’t be able to get school information anymore. Brad set some things up for us but, as he will tell you, we were very DIY and set most of it up ourselves.” 

It’s been a smooth changeover

“Most of our School Community have signed up and have found it easy to use. We had a few minor hiccups from our end but, overall, it’s been a smooth changeover.”

A big thank you to Jo Aylmore at Happy Valley Primary School for sharing her insights and experience.

More kind words 

We are always thrilled to hear that schools are finding School Stream easy to use and that their parent communities are engaged. We’ll leave you with some more kind words from a school who has recently changed their school app to School Stream.  

Easy Peasy!!!

We have just transitioned from one school app to School Stream … and from both a school IT perspective and also a user view, it is fabulous. Staff are very helpful, friendly and supportive. We had it up and running within a week!!! Highly recommend!!!! (App Store)

Are you ready to make the change? Let’s get started.