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We all know what it’s like to experience information overload. In a world where we receive more information than we can physically or mentally process, it’s easy to understand how families can miss important school information if it comes via too many channels or gets lost in the flurry of emails we receive every day. Missing important school information has consequences for families so we can’t afford to be blasé when it comes to school comms. However, there is good news. This is a challenge with an achievable solution schools can implement with ease. This week we look at how to navigate the digital world with a winning strategy for families and schools. 

Do you need to save time and streamline school communication? See how School Stream can help your school. 

Why is information overload a problem? 

“… the digital world contains more information than the world’s libraries combined. Much of it comes from unvetted sources and lacks reliable indicators of trustworthiness. Critically thinking through all information and sources we come across would utterly paralyse us because we would never have time to actually read the valuable information we painstakingly identify.”

The Conversation, published February 2023 

Information overload can lead to poor data retention, low mental energy, and ‘analysis paralysis’. In other words, it leads to parents calling and visiting the school office! 

Two key points that will help schools chart a course forward.

Once we acknowledge the problem, it is reassuring to know there are some ways that can help schools cut through the noise and reach families every time. After all, schools are uniquely placed to make use of effective communication technology specifically designed to facilitate clear communication. We know parents want to know what’s going on at school – as long as it’s relevant to them: 

“It sounds awful, but I don’t really care about the whole school. I only want to know what Elena’s year levels are doing, and the year levels above her too, because then I know what’s to come…” 

Evidence-based research agrees: 

“People don’t want to waste time or effort online. As long as we’re designing content that acknowledges that reality and helps to direct people to only the information they want, we’ll be on the right track.”

Nielson Norman Group 

Take the strain from your brain. 

An app like School Stream is a win-win for schools and families. It provides a trusted, distinct place where all the school communication lives, with all the critical need-to-know information filed away so parents can access it when they need to, without the distractions that come from media multitasking. Experts suggest that organising your school communication using a dedicated comms platform is one of the best strategies for minimising information overload – for parents and administrators.

“Keeping your digital resources organized [this way] takes a lot of strain off your brain as it doesn’t need to recall where something was located. As well, these knowledge bases will save you a ton of time that could be better spent in other ways.” Heyday   

Let an app like School Stream do the heavy lifting. 

First up, not all school tech is created equal. School Stream has been laser-focused on school communication for over a decade and we are very proud of our world-class tech that is designed with input from schools and our Australian-based support team. Here is one of the ways we can help schools save time and create effective communication that parents will read (and retain!). 

If you have time concerns about taking on new tech, School Stream can be up and running in 48- hours. Our team can support you every step of the way – whether it’s a 30-minute training block, a quick call or via our online portal. Don’t take our word for it though, here’s what schools say about us:

“The support from the School Stream help team is excellent. One of the biggest concerns that you have when using a new product/service is the ongoing support. It’s often the case that once you sign up for something then that’s the last time you hear from the supplier. In many instances, support services are located outside Australia which can be challenging. If we need assistance, we simply ask for what we need in the ‘question box’ and we receive links to help desk articles straight away, and these usually provide the answers we need. If not, we stay on the line and a School Stream rep gets back to us. “

St Margaret’s, Maribyrnong Victoria 

“The set-up procedure was also very quick and smooth. We set it up during COVID and I remember sitting at my dining room table and Brad was helping set it up via conference call remotely, so even from that point of view, it was excellent. And, honestly, it just made the world of difference as far as getting information out when needed. It saved so much time and I was able to get out clear messages.”  

Nagambie Primary School, Victoria 

Creating forms online saves time for schools (and parents love them too).

Without a doubt, creating an online form would have to be one of the most popular features of School Stream. It also has the greatest potential to save time for staff while ensuring families are most likely to read the form and return it signed – on time! Schools tell us all the time that staff shortages are putting them under tremendous pressure, and so even taking the arduous process of a paper form online can save significant amounts of time for staff. 

“I love being able to sign the excursion forms on my phone. I cannot tell you how many times the old-school permission slip has been lost between school and the bus home, and I end up in the school office trying to work out what’s going on the day of the event. When it’s all on the app, I know where all the information is, what’s going on, and the whole thing is so much easier to manage.”   School Stream parent.

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