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School Stream helps digitalise forms easily

It’s true. By necessity, schools use a hell of a lot of forms. In the highly regulated school environment, each form has its own process, regulations and workflow attached. So while many administrators we have spoken to would love to migrate some, if not all, of their forms online, many are overwhelmed by the time and expertise needed to digitise forms and their associated processes. What if you had a partner in the process with the technical knowledge and expertise to make the whole process seamless? Look no further. We’re here.

Keep reading for a snapshot of the benefits of digitalising your forms or watch a quick video to see how the forms feature works.

Digitalise some, or all, of your forms

School Stream has the capacity to digitalise any and all of the forms most schools use on a regular basis. Start small and once you see how easy it is, we are sure you will want to digitalise all your forms. Schools have had great success in digitalising the following forms, making them easily accessible to parents via their smartphones:

  • Student absentee
  • Permission slips & consent
  • Medical forms
  • Collect payments and donations
  • Student policy agreements
  • Media consent
  • Parent-teacher interviews
  • Student enrolment
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Request volunteers

Save hours in printing and distributing paperwork

How far does a form travel? It goes via admin, to teachers, to students and then home to parents and families. On the return journey, the same form takes the same four steps in reverse. Digitalising your school’s forms reduces handling time. By sending the form directly to a parent’s smartphone using School Stream, parents can sign the form on the spot and return it directly to the school.

“It’s had a huge impact for us in the school in terms of time resources.
We send the message out once and we know it’s there on School Stream.
We’re not double or triple handling communications anymore.”
Giles Panting, Principal, Lake Rotoiti School

Save time chasing parents for forms

Forms are easily lost, especially when relying on ‘student post’ to get them home safely. We’ve all found forms smeared in Vegemite at the bottom of school bags – often days after they were due back at school. By cutting out the middleman and sending forms directly, schools know the forms have been received, are in a safe place, and won’t require repeated phone calls and email bounce backs on your part to chase them up.

Automate email notifications

Set up forms to automatically notify the relevant teacher when a form for their class or year level is completed. No more rifling through packets of forms to see who has returned what or needing to manually generate (and print) a list for teachers.

Export a register

You can filter the form submissions by the class or year group or any other field selection you create. All entries are stored in the Control Panel and can be exported into a spreadsheet for easy data management. This has been very successful for schools who use the absentee form.

Work from templates or existing forms

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Once a form has been built you can use it over and over again. Use an existing template or build forms from scratch using our intuitive tools to really customise your forms. It’s entirely up to you.

Let us help you

School Stream prides itself on our world-class support team. It’s always free as part of your subscription and we are available over the phone to talk you through any queries or use our live online chat function. Alternatively, if you have really complex forms or are really short on time, hire School Stream to build the forms for you. Email support@schoolstream.com.au to discuss your requirements.