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As principals, what would you like to be spending your time on at work? Building a positive school culture? Focussing on innovative teaching and learning? Inspiring the next generation of learners? Probably all of this and more. School Stream is a communication platform and mobile app that is designed to help support you in your role. We have put together a PDF for both large and smaller schools with a concise overview of exactly how we can help.

We know you’re busy. Keep reading or skip straight to the PDF Download for your school size.

There are some consistent benefits to Principals who use School Stream, irrespective of school size.

Budget savings.

There are, of course, savings to be made. School Stream quickly pays for itself in the saved printing costs alone – often within the first month! Use the printing costs calculator to see how much you could save.


It’s easy for parents to report any absences using the School Stream template. The student’s absence is also automatically recorded in the database which can be exported to a spreadsheet to demonstrate compliance.


Free Unlimited Private Messaging means you can contact parents the first time, every time. You can save and view a history of messages sent and received – and you are notified when your message has been read.

Learn more and download the PDF for an overview of how School Stream helps a Principal in their role.

From your colleagues…

‘As a teaching principal, it allows me to send out messages super quick without it impacting on my teaching or leadership and management of the school’.
Principal Giles Panting, Lake Rotoiti School

‘It has improved health and safety at the school. If an event such as a lockdown occurred, we could notify the community at the touch of a button.’
Principal Greg Hurley, Silverstream School.

‘We have increased attendance at school events because parents are actually receiving school communications and are accessing the translation feature. Previously, many of the paper-based notes sent home from school were not understood.’
Rebecca Bishop, Deputy Principal, Mt Roskill Primary School.

Hear more from Principals who are using School Stream to streamline school communication.