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With schools pushed to their limits to deliver remote learning options within a very tight timeframe, some schools are using School Stream to deliver homework directly to parents. Read on for more details about how you can connect with families and keep the focus on learning while we navigate these uncertain times together.


Our commitment to schools. We want to help keep communities connected and reduce the spread of COVID-19. During this time of crisis, School Stream has launched a free School Crisis Communication tool to schools who do not have a communication app. Read more.


Customise School Stream to reach students at home

If you’re using School Stream already, you know you have full control over the app and can easily customise the content and categories. Schools are adding a ‘Home Learning’ category to their front page and allocating homework and schedules for each year level and stage. It’s fast, easy and does not require staff to learn any new software or skills The schools we’ve talked to have been really pleased with the ease and effectiveness of getting remote learning options up and running so quickly.


Keep your school community connected and learning

It’s more important than ever to keep your community connected and your students engaged and learning while we navigate these challenging times together. We know schools are under intense pressure at the moment and staff are working hard behind the scenes to prepare home learning packs for their students. We want to help. Take advantage of your existing technology to send homework to students so they can continue learning while at home. Most School Stream schools have great engagement with their parent/caregiver community via the app, so you can be reassured you can reach students reliably, even if your school is closed. 


We have created free digital Crisis Forms so parents can notify schools if their child is displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Click here to add it to your template.


We support free, unlimited messaging

We are committed to supporting unlimited messaging. It’s critical to keep schools and the community updated and connected at this worrying time. As ever, we are available to support you via Live Chat. Thank you for your on-going support. Take care.