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Beautiful School Stream Newsletters with Adobe Spark

By May 2, 2016No Comments1 min read

Last year Adobe launched a free iPad app and web tool called ‘Adobe Spark’ that allows users to combine images with text to produce beautiful and engaging photo stories through a simple drag and drop interface.

After feedback from Australian schools who have been using Adobe Spark to create smooth-scrolling newsletters, we are excited to announce they can now be embedded onto your School Stream app so your newsletters will always look amazing.

In addition to school newsletters, users can utilise Adobe Spark’s templates to easily produce book reports, class projects, event reports or any school promotional material.

The Adobe Spark and School Stream integration also handles outbound links allowing your school to direct parents to any further information on the internet or any of your pages on the School Stream app.

Just like using our app, no design skills are needed to use Adobe Spark. Just pure fun to turn your school communications into a gorgeous visual story.

What next?

  • Give it a try today

Sign up for a free Adobe Spark account and begin your first project.

  • Embed your project onto the School Stream app

If your school is already using Adobe Spark, we have recorded a visual walkthrough of embedding your completed Adobe Spark project with your School Stream app.

Here’s an example of an Adobe Spark class project.