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As you know, School Stream is committed to supporting schools and their wider communities. Today, we want to let you know about a life-changing scholarship opportunity for girls through the Harding Miller Education Foundation. Their scholarship program aims to provide practical support that will lift the educational outcomes and career aspirations of girls with high potential who are experiencing challenging socio-economic circumstances. Each year they award scholarships to girls to the value of $20,000 to cover school expenses and provide educational support. Applications close 23 September 2020 for the next round of scholarships. Read more about the eligibility criteria and application process on their website.

We all know students get the best educational outcomes when their parents or caregivers are engaged in school life. Watch a quick video or call our school communication experts to see how School Stream keeps your school community in the loop so everyone is on the same page.

The Harding Miller Education Foundation

The Harding Miller Education Foundation (HMEF) is an Australian charity and Public Benevolent Institution. It was established in 2015 by long-term champions of girls and public education, Kim Harding and Irene Miller. 

Why girls’ education?

Women continue to be over-represented in areas of disadvantage and under-represented in positions of influence. Here are some statistics from the Harding Miller Education Foundation website:

  • Harnessing the potential of women would increase the Australian GDP by 11%. (Source: Goldman Sachs)
  • The estimated pay gap between men and women currently costs the Australian economy $93 billion every year.
  • In Australia, women earn 83 cents in the dollar compared to men.
  • Women in Australia are two and a half times more likely than men to live in poverty in their old age.
  • Girls will earn up to 25% more income for each year of additional education. As an adult, she is more likely to invest in her children’s education and wellbeing.
  • Women work 66% of the world’s working hours, yet earn only 10% of the world’s income.
  • On average women reinvest 90% of their wages into the family, while men reinvest 30-40%.

The Fine Print

  • Applications close 23 September 2020.
  • Applications are open to girls from any state or territory in Australia. Applicants must be an Australian citizen or resident, entering Year 9 in 2021, attending a public school, and experiencing personal or socioeconomic disadvantage. Learn more about the full selection criteria on the HMEF website. 
  • Scholarship support begins in Year 9 and is awarded for four years. The scholarship includes – among other things – a laptop and high-speed internet, funds to cover uniforms, excursions and tutoring, plus career guidance, study skills tools and a coach to guide and mentor the recipient through their education journey. 
  • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page on their website for more details.

Best of luck to all the girls applying for a scholarship this year! 

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