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53% of Parents onboard after 9 days

By July 6, 2016June 25th, 2024No Comments1 min read

At School Stream, we are always grateful for feedback. Here’s a note from Maree Worker, the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Hills Adventist College who have over 570 students.


Dear School Stream Team,I wanted to provide you with some feedback to let you know how things are going for us as a new school community to School Stream.
I launched School Stream to our College community nine days ago. At this point we have 371 users and growing – I expect a spike once the students come back to school, as I’ll be encouraging our High School students to download it as well. As a school of only 570 students, obviously with many families with multiple children, I am pleased with this ‘buy-in’ rate so far.The feedback I have received from our College community is unanimously positive! Thank you for making this transition to a College App such a positive experience. I have found your team to be helpful and supportive. The back-end interface generally easy to work with (even as a newbie) and the positive response from my community is the biggest bonus. I wanted to express my sincere appreciation, and encourage you to continue the great work you are doing!Kind Regards,Maree

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