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Snack your way through the day with healthy and delicious recipes for all ages from preschool to the staffroom. 

Healthy Snacks for students and teachers

Nothing is worse than a classroom full of ‘hangry’ kids or teenagers. However, finding foods to tempt busy kids during the day can be challenging. And for teachers, some days are just too busy to even contemplate sitting down for a proper meal during lunchtime. In both cases, these are problems that can be resolved with good quality snacks. This week on School Stream, we’re talking about lunch box snacks you can eat on the run, that fill you up, taste great, and are good for you too. Here are 21 recipes for sweet and savoury snack options for all ages and stages.

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Snacks for preschool lunch boxes.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that handheld food reigns supreme when it comes to the preschool lunch box. These recipes tick all the boxes for nutritionally dense food that’s big on preschool-approved flavours. 

1. Dried fruit Energy Nuggets are a cinch to whip up and will give a quick energy boost in one mouthful.  

2. Rudolph’s Carrot Flapjacks. These sweet flapjacks have a slight earthy taste courtesy of carrots and are filling thanks to the inclusion of gentle-on-the-tummy oats.

3. Everyone loves a mini muffin. Try these delicious veg-bacon mini muffins for handheld goodness.

4. Did somebody say ‘cult favourite’? Zucchini slice is a stalwart of preschool lunch boxes with good reason.

5. Frittata is an easy win for a sustaining snack at preschool. This flexible recipe works in muffin tins too or simply cut into small handheld pieces.

6. No blend bliss balls. Get your mini chef into the kitchen to help whip up these delicious treats with plenty of healthy fats, thanks to the inclusion of tahini.

Primary school lunch box

What kids eat between meals is as important as their main meals – so we need to make it count. Kids are generally busting to hit the playground for play time and a run, so quick handheld snacks are still the order of the day. Here are some fresh, healthy combos to try. 

7. Who loves falafel? Everybody, that’s who! Try packing a couple of these nuggets of goodness for a winning savoury snack. 

8. Fudgy, sweet potato brownies? Say no more, we are in. 

9. Not just for the primary school lunch box! This seedy slice is sure to be a hit with hungry kids. 

10. Try this sweet slice with dates and filling oats to give a boost at recess or lunch.

Exciting snacks for the secondary school 

By the time kids reach secondary school, it’s worth remembering they have been eating veggie sticks for seven years already! If high schoolers are in charge of packing their own lunch boxes they may be enthusiastic about preparing some fresh new flavours they will actually look forward to eating at recess or lunch.

11. These funky browned butter, jalapeno and cornbread muffins are a case of minimal effort, maximum flavour. 

12. Zucchini Sushi may win the prize for being the prettiest snack to ever grace a high school lunch box. These delicate looking morsels are packed to the brim with nutritious veg and protein and will be catnip for any teenagers who ‘eat with their eyes’. 

13. Avocado chips? A different approach to the nation’s favourite toast topping is a winner. 

14. Everybody loves a treat. Zucchini Peach Streusel Muffins do a marvelous job of sneaking veg into this otherwise sweet treat.

15. Banana bread is another lunch box classic that lends itself to all sorts of adaptations and additions. This foolproof recipe is spiked with cinnamon and ginger that elevates it to something a little more sophisticated for high schoolers with a discerning palette.

Great snacks to keep teachers going

There is no denying that there is a real psychological boost to be had when you know there is something delicious waiting for you in the staffroom fridge. 

16. Summer Rhubarb Bars are a healthy, delicious accompaniment to your cuppa or coffee. Because everyone needs a treat that feels like a treat sometimes.  

17. Apricot and pistachios are an elegant combo that elevates the humble energy bar to something special in this recipe from Jamie Oliver. (contains nuts)

18. A smoothie in a jar is surely the patron saint of teacher snacks, and there are so many moreish options to keep you going. Try the green shake that went viral for tasting like white chocolate, a ‘salted caramel’ smoothie packed with good-for-you ingredients, or a breakfast smoothie from everyone’s favourite PE Teacher, Joe Wicks. 

19. Mini brie and apple quiches. Yes, please! Be the envy of the staffroom with these decadent sounding quiches. Simply cut filo pastry to size if you can’t get your hands on pre-prepared filo cases.

20. Rice paper rolls are an easy snack to reach for when time is tight during the day. A prepared batch stored correctly will keep you going for a few days. 

21. They don’t call this cake the Amazing Lemon Cannellini Cake for nothing. Substitute the lemon for orange in this cake and it’s still amazing. (contains nuts)

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