Private Messaging

Explore private messaging with School Stream. Unlimited messages. Zero cost

Keep parents and schools on the same page with private messaging.

  • Save money with School Stream’s FREE messaging feature. No more expensive text and phone bills.
  • View a saved history of messages sent and received – and see when parents have read your message.

Private Messaging. Free for schools and families

Save and view your message history.

 Keep parent-school communication on track with an easy-to-view messaging history.

Build trust and transparency with your parent community through a reliable, secure messaging service with a full audit trail – see who has opened your messages and when.

Communication that is time-saving and convenient.

Contact parents in a way that keeps pace with their expectations.

Receiving messages via a smartphone ensures there is a reminder for parents to follow up.

Message individual or multiple family members.

Ensure families receive messages by contacting several family members in the same message, in an instant.

School Stream fits your most advanced use cases

“The museum excursion form needs to be signed today.”

Send private messages to parents to remind them to complete forms and requests for payments.

School Stream provides private, intuitive and FREE messaging for schools and families.

“Luke forgot his lunch, please bring in.”

“Thank you. I will meet him at the school gate at lunchtime”

Messages go directly to a parent’s smartphone in an instant – and you can see when your message has been read.

“Could each of you please sign the attached permission form for Isobel?”

Easily communicate with blended families when permission is legally required from both parties.

No credit? No problem.

Parents do not need to worry about the cost of sending or receiving text messages.

It’s completely FREE for schools and families.

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