School Stream Mobile School App

Improving the way schools communicate with parents and students.

School Stream mobile apps and website applications have been designed and developed in collaboration with Australian teachers, staff, students and parents in response to the growing and ongoing digital communication needs of school communities. School Stream delivers information directly to parents and students on their mobile devices providing instant access to events, news, assessment notifications, sport updates, newsletters, school travel information and much more. Stay connected and communicate even during school holidays!

Integrated features include:


Import your MailChimp newsletters with ease into the School Stream mobile school app. Parents can access school newsletters from their mobile device every time.

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar

Automatically import school events into the School Stream mobile app via Google Calendar and send important notifications and updates to parents and students.

Digital FormsDigital Forms

Let parents notify you of student absences or submit excursion permission slips directly from the School Stream mobile app. No more paperwork or chasing required!

Website and AppWebsite & App Integration - populate both your website & app from one place

With our fully integrated product you can manage and stream all your school information from one place allowing you to populate your website and mobile app at the same time. Manage and control all school content from your own school servers - no third party servers required.

Just some of the benefits:

21st Century Communication

With the average person checking their mobile device every 6 minutes, there has never been a better way to communicate. Instantly & effectively reach your school community anytime, anywhere.

Deliver urgent/important information instantly

Whether you're onsite or off, within school hours or without, our easy access control panel allows you to stream information to your school community when you need to.

School Stream app supports Dynamic Categories

We know every school is different. School Stream's dynamic categories allows schools to customise their content on an as-needed basis, giving teachers the flexibility to deliver everything they want and nothing they don't.

Reduce your school communication budget

Schools currently have a budget for traditional methods of information dissemination. School Stream offers to replace this existing system with a modern, real-time digital communication platform that will reduce costs and resources associated with traditional school communication methods.

Works on 98% of Android and iPhone devices

Supporting two of the world's largest and most popular mobile operating systems ensures that School Stream can be accessed from the majority of handsets used by Australians.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Here at School Stream, we're conscious of the amount of paper waste that accumulates with repeated letters sent home and the environmental impact of creating them. School Stream provides your school with a greener alternative that preserves the environment and saves you time.