School Stream LITE

Meeting Booking Policy

School Stream LITE – Meeting Booking Policy

  1. Booking Process:
  • All meetings must be booked through the designated booking system provided by School Stream.
  • Meetings should be scheduled with accurate attendee details including date, time, and purpose.
  1. Cancellation:
  • If a cancellation of the meeting is necessary, it must be provided in writing via email to the designated meeting host 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the meeting.
  • Failure to provide timely cancellation will result in forfeit of your booked slot and any payment associated.
  1. Refund Policy:
  • No refunds will be issued for no-shows or non-attendance by scheduled meeting attendees.
  1. Rescheduling:
  • To reschedule a booked meeting, attendees must use the link provided in the booking invitation email and calendar entry.
  • Rescheduling is free of charge if actioned before the scheduled start time of the meeting.
  • If rescheduling is attempted after the scheduled start time, a new meeting booking will be required. No refunds will be issued as per the refund policy stated above.
  1. Organiser Rescheduling or Cancellation:
  • School Stream, as the organiser, reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a meeting if the host is unavailable or due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • In the event of organiser-initiated rescheduling or cancellation, no additional payment will be required to book another meeting.
  1. Notification:
  • Any changes to meeting schedules, including cancellations or rescheduling, should be communicated promptly to all relevant parties via email.
  1. Compliance:
  • All meeting attendees are expected to comply with this meeting booking policy to ensure efficient scheduling and utilisation of resources.
  1. Approval:
  • This meeting booking policy is approved by Brad Carter, Operations Manager on 13/3/2024

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