Mobile app data retention and destruction policy

When you delete your app account, we shall either delete or anonymise your personal data, except in cases where data is required for local legal or auditing purposes.

After 30 days, the following information will have been deleted from our systems:

  • Personally identifying information on your account, including name, email address, and phone number
  • App preferences
  • Device sessions
  • Notice permissions
  • Notice activity history

We retain the following information for your school or organisation’s auditing purposes, some of which may contain personal data:

  • Direct messages sent to your school or organisation
  • Form submissions intended for your school or organisation
  • Some de-identified information for analytics

Information submitted through the app may be retained by the following third parties:

  • Support/feedback tickets (Zendesk)
  • Your school or organisation may have generated exports of your personal data for auditing purposes
  • Anonymous analytics and crash reporting data (Google Analytics/Firebase)

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