Communicate Better With School Stream’s Latest Updates

Advanced tools. Zero complexity.

Introducing Private Messaging

Keep parents and schools on the same page with private messaging.

  • Save money with School Stream’s FREE messaging feature. No more expensive text and phone bills.
  • View a saved history of messages sent and received – and see when parents have read your message.

Parent and Group App Accounts

Take greater control of your communication with Parent Accounts.

  • Send targeted information to individual parents or groups of parents.
  • Control who has access to your school’s information.

Enhanced Categories

  • Flexible enough to meet any and all of your communication needs – from the busiest school to the busiest students.
  • Multi-level categories helps keep information easy to find for parents and administration staff.
  • Schools can choose from a collection of over 600 custom icons to really elevate their branding.

Smart Cards

It’s as simple as composing an email – two clicks and publish.

  • We’ve introduced Smart Cards to simplify creating and organising content.
  • The new update makes it easy for parents to browse and respond to school news.

Card Permissions

Maintain families’ privacy and refine your communication with card permissions.

  • Card permissions allow the school to determine who has access to a card (or content) by selecting groups, year levels or individual parents.
  • Maintain privacy. Even in a group message, parents cannot see who else has been contacted.

Latest News Feed

Keep your whole school community in the loop with the Latest news feed feature.

  • Parents can choose to view a dynamic news feed – with all the latest news from all the categories they’re interested in.

Enhanced Calendar View

Parents can plan ahead for school events. Being organised has never been so easy.

  • Find details for every event in one place.
  • View events from multiple School Stream schools on the same calendar. No more clashes or missed events. Perfect for families with children at different schools.

Access Models

Choose from three Access Models to make School Stream work for you.

  • Restrict access to School Stream to an approved family community or keep it public like your website. You decide.

Branded Home Screens

Solidify your school’s reputation as an established and trusted school in the community

  • Professionally designed.
  • Customise the home screen of your communication portal to the broader school community.
  • Next-level branding at an affordable price.
  • Easy to install with support available from our Australian based team.

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