Melissa Bridson, CEO/Founder

As a working professional woman and mother,
I pride myself on being organised but I’ll admit, there have been times when I have struggled to keep up to date with school news.

I’ve occasionally missed important communication from my daughter’s school – like the awards ceremony I didn’t turn up to because I somehow hadn’t seen the notice. You can imagine how terrible I felt when I picked up my daughter from school that day to find her crying because I wasn’t there.

“There must be a simpler way to communicate and stay up to date with what’s going on at school,”
I thought.

In 2013 we launched School Stream and, today, hundreds of schools across Australia and overseas are reaping the benefits of simplifying all communications into one mobile phone app.

The School Stream team would love to be a part of helping you start your communication revolution.

School Stream is lovingly supported by this fine team

Leigh Rolfe
Technical Director/Co-Founder

Meet the mechanic! Real name, Leigh. Need something to go faster? He’ll tinker until it’s impossibly fast. Something not quite right? He’s there to right it for you. Builds things, fixes things.

Malcolm Baker
Business Consultant

From finances to user trends, Malcolm loves a good spreadsheet to keep track of all the moving parts. “Sums” him up!

Alistair McKinnon
Chief Finance Officer

Alistair is responsible for the business finance and accounting. He loves working in a business where clients are more than happy to pay their bills!

Adam Mander
Business Development Manager

When he’s not engineering new market strategies and building awesome new relationships, you’ll find Adam donning a pair of espadrilles and digging in the crates for his love of yacht rock.

Amy Johnston
Product Specialist

Amy loves sharing her clients’ enthusiasm for School Stream! She has an incredible gift for writing raps about her colleagues and has the uncanny ability to talk to animals.

Louise Evans
Product Specialist

You will not find anyone more energetic than Louise. From the minute she walks in the door the energy is lifted. Rest assured she will make sure you are looked after in the best possible way.

Va Barber Hua
Customer Success Manager

Va values every customer that joins School Stream and it’s his mission to make their transition into the app revolution a huge success. Since moving from London, there is nothing he loves more than the local Byron Bay surf.

Brad Carter
Product Support Specialist

Brad is often referred to as School Stream’s office angel. He is our chief product trainer and life support. If you need any help, he’ll be there. If he’s not, he’ll be either DJ’ing or in the pool overtaking the kids.

Cameron Griffin
Software Engineer

Cameron fearlessly innovates at School Stream. With a world-class portfolio of apps under his belt, the School Stream development pipeline is in overdrive. When he manages to pull himself away from the computer, you will find him on the golf range or spending time with his beautiful kids.

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